Double Rainbow- 3 day workshop

8-shaft, 2-block designs

2 Layers, 4 (or 8) Shafts, 6 Colors Infinite Possibilities

This is perhaps the ultimate color sampler! You will begin by winding a warp and setting up your loom according to Jennifer's system for working with multiple colors in a rotational sequence and bringing it to the workshop. A basic two-layered structure will enable us to mix and match our colors, creating an amazing array of color mixtures. As you weave and your warp colors move past each other you will experience a visual feast of iridescence and moire patterns. We will also experiment with single-layered structures such as warp rep and warp-faced twills and the effects that they create on this versatile warp. This sampler will provide a remarkable education in color theory and how optical mixtures work in weaving, as well as a great source of inspiration for future weaving projects.


Level- Intermediate. No prior experience in doubleweave is necessary, but students must know how to warp a loom

Students will bring a 4- or 8-shaft loom warped according to instructions.

Material fee- $10 per student

Maximum- 20 students

Equipment- whiteboard


Jennifer demonstrates how to wind a 4-color warp


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