Mathemagical Design From Fibonacci to Fractals

Into the Labyrinth

Have you ever wanted to work with these wonderful tools for visual design, but been scared off by a lack of drawing or math skills? This workshop is for you! We will take a visual approach to working with geometric design, symmetry movements, tessellations, fractals and harmonious proportions including the Fibonacci sequence. Through a series of fun exercises using drawing, coloring, rubber stamps and paper cutouts you will create a toolbox of skills to use in creating your own harmonious designs.

Level- any
Material fee- $40
Maximum- 20 students
Equipment- worktables, whiteboard and markers

The Mathemagical Design workshop can also be broken down into mini-workshops focusing on specific topics:

Exploring Geometric Design One day
Exploring the Golden Proportion and the Fibonacci Sequence One day
Exploring Symmetries and Tessellations One day
Exploring Fractal Design Half-day

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